Stock Donations


How you give, is just as important as where you give, and we are so grateful to have supporters like you, helping make our impact in the Kingman community possible. So let’s talk about how you give- what if you could give 37% more to The CLUB for YOUth, at $0 additional cost to you?


Donate with Overflow


If you have appreciated stock, it is the most tax-efficient way to give. You protect capital gains tax enabling you to give more, which means a higher tax deduction and we are able to receive the full value of your donation. It’s a win-win situation. Stock donations save you from paying capital gains tax (up to 37% of your gains) and are fully tax-deductible if you have held the stock for a year or more.

We know that the economic downturn has spared few, but the stock market is strong. Thus, we are happy to announce that we have partnered with a stock donation platform called Overflow that makes donating stock, even just one share, quick, frictionless, and secure.

With Overflow, you no longer need to coordinate with brokers or financial advisors. Simply visit our donate page, securely connect to your brokerage, & select the shares you want to give. Overflow takes care of the rest, including providing you the documentation you will need for your charitable tax deduction.

With COVID-19 affecting people worldwide and with our current economic environment, nonprofits like The CLUB for YOUth are playing a crucial role in supporting communities that have been most adversely affected by this year’s events. If you’re in the position to do so, we hope you’ll consider evaluating the small changes you can make to generate an even greater positive impact for families in need, and ‘Share a Share.’ We call it, ‘Equity for the inequitable.’

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