Impact in 2020 – 2021

How we help kids and their parents!

Helping kids and their parents 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year!

Impact on our kids and teens

  • 75% of Club members with a D or F in English and/or Math will improve by a minimum
    of one grade
  • 23% of Club members will develop conflict resolution skills.
  • 70% of Club members will exercise at least 60 minutes each day, five days a week.
  • 85% of teen members participating will abstain from healthy risk behaviors, such as
    alcohol and marijuana use and sexual activity.

and Good for economic development

We like to educate the chamber and economic development group that we are their biggest supporters for economic development. Why? We allow more people to be in the workforce as we make sure kids are taken care of while parents work, reducing the otherwise endless amounts of interruptions from kids; phone calls while kids are unattended. We are open when schools are closed; parents don’t get the 30 days off during the school year and summers off too when kids are not in school. Parents have shared that now they have found the club, they are able to work or attend school where they increase skills and become a better employee. Plus we help our kids learn job skills and how to become good employees. All for a better workforce as the chamber and economic development want. Additionally, the club helps make a better community by reducing juvenile crime rates and reduced incarceration.


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