Creativity knows no bounds!

This winter we asked our kids to create anything they could imagine, using only supplies from our recycling bin.  We had no idea if kids were interested, or if they would participate.

Over 30 kids took part…their creativity and imagination astounded us.  The projects ran the gamut from very complex “An Airplane House” to the simple — A flower, a love and peace  sign, and everything in between.  This time, instead of teaching our kids, they taught us.  We learned that left to their own device, kids will bring with them their imagination, the creativity, and their love for the impossible dream.  We learned that impossible dreams CAN come true, when we give people the freedom to create.  And we are excited to continue to provide Kingman’s future generations with the skills and the motivation to pursue their dreams.

Our contest “winners” were selected by random sample selection.  In our minds, the are ALL winners!

Support their creativity!  100% of donations go to support the kids.